Why Small Business App-Developers Fail

Why do many small business app developers fail? This question is asked many times by all of the small app developers. If you are one of them, this is what is likely going through your head:

  • “Is it my content that’s bad?”
  • “Did I not advertise enough?”
  • “Is my application too buggy?”

These questions are very normal, and can be easily solved if they follow these simple directions. Any big-time app maker should know these tips, and they usually will try to hide them as much as possible, but they are just hiding in plain site. The general public knows about them, but the developers seem to just ignore it. You want to know the secret? The secret is the design and layout of your application. A lot of people like to have basic designs, designs that are so basic, that anybody can use it. When thinking about a design layout for your application, try to keep these questions in your mind:

  • What should be the Color Scheme- Color Scheme is so basic, yet so over looked. Try to pick the color that fits the mood of your application.
  • How can I make this look basic without making the user seem stupid? You don’t want to make the user feel like a child, unless that is what your app is intended to do. Making everything so basic can sometimes be a bad thing, and will get you bad reviews.
  • How can I make the app respond faster? This is a key part of creating any kind of application. Making the app run faster typically involves removing moving pictures and removing some ads. Believe it or not, ads are what make websites and applications slower, the more you have the slower it goes. If you don’t have an app that runs fast, then you are going to have terrible reviews.

These are all things that users of apps want, and if you don’t give it to them, you are just going to be left in the ditch. Application developers need to have these topics in mind when creating apps or they won’t be getting anywhere.

Good luck out there,
ACook Dev. Co.


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